What is Cmeelive ?

Cmeelive is a social streaming platform where users can create, share and livestream their content while earning from subscribers and VOD ( video on demand) streaming.

Free Account

Creating a free account gets access to all users profiles and free tokens. Your tokens can be used for:


Live Streaming Channels

Tip Users

Purchase individual Content

No Subscription Needed

Subscribing as a Fan

Subscribing to a user allows you access to

  • The users Content
  • All Cmeelive Channels and content
  • Access to VOD (video on demand) from all users
  • Direct messaging and Calls to users
  • Live Streaming and Free chat
  • Live Events


Each Token has Value of $.10 and can be used to:

  • Tip Performers
  • Purchase Video On Demand
  • Livestream Shows
  • Private Calls

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